BOX of 10 SHUSHAN CDs free! (+ shipping)

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This is a beautiful recording that many love to play at the end of the year. Since most people download now I am hoping you can help me make sure they go where they might be enjoyed.

SHIPPING: (please make sure you're fine with paying this much for shipping). always shocking. 
rate (approx) to Canada/USA is approx $20 + 3.50 for box = $23CAD.

GOOD NEWS FOR TORONTO PEOPLE: you can pick up (it will show a choice for Toronto addresses when you check out).

suggestions: STOCKING STUFFERS, bus stops, leave on bench in park, thrift stores, struggling cd stores so they can make money

If you want a single CD - 1 cd is the usual price ($20) with the other 3 cds i have remaining (Ulysses Purse, Angels Bend Closer, With What Shall I Keep Warm).