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Coconut and Almond oils infused with an exotic Bourbon Vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. The result is a sensual massage oil that won’t stain the sheets, and has palpable aphrodisiac appeal. IS IT FOR YOU?

Suitable for all skin types as a stimulating plant-based massage oil. 

Sweet Almond Oil - glides easily onto skin yet absorbs quickly, so you're not left with an oily sheen. Leaves skin soft and satiny smooth.

Coconut Oil - a non-greasy moisturizer full of vitamin E that doesn't stain the sheets.

Bourbon Vanilla Bean - the highest quality vanilla from Madagascar with a creamy, dark, buttery aroma.

Spices - a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom warm the skin.

Vanilla originated in modern Mexico, where it was believed to arouse sexual desires by the Tutonacs and Aztecs. When the Spanish conquistadors brought spicy vanilla back to Europe from the New World, it was considered a “hot” spice, and prescribed as a tincture to ensure male potency, and “stimulate the sexual propensities.” Daring European ladies would apply the sultry vanilla pod fragrance behind their ears to provoke the cozy pleasures of warm sweets, and found success in hypnotizing an audience.