Heirloom Blankets

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only 2 available now (queen, orange, gorgeous)
others will take 2-6 months

100% pure wool blankets
hand-crafted in PEI at the famous MacAusland's Woolen Mill
(wool sourced mainly from Maritimes)
They are so wonderful, I consider them for 'heirloom' gifts.
I still have mine from my mother and it is one of my most treasured possessions.
very warm, teeming with that ineffable thing 'quality'
These special blankets are WAY back-ordered, the mill is astonished. Perhaps People are looking for quality, coziness and payback to real people like farmers, etc.

gift suggestions: first home, children, god-children, nieces, nephews, lap rugs for elders.

there is scarcity for these beautiful blankets.
I have 2 in Toronto (ORANGE, queen)
if you want to order beyond that, it takes about 2 months for (throw/double/queen) and 4 months for king. 6 months if you order a 'special colour' like orange. 

These are hand-done in a different world than ordering quickly and from China. 

approx. 76" x 104"
White, Grey or Natural Brown
$180 ($195 for coloured or checkerboard)

approx. 72" x 90"
White, Grey or Natural Brown. Coloured & Checkerboard Pattern

approx. 52" x 76"
Checkerboard Pattern (only)
Lap Blanket (great for our elders)
approx. 48" x 60"
Traditional (Naturals and Tweeds)

contact me via email info@janesiberry.com 
tell me your preference (1 or 2 options better) and I'll let you know how long and how much

PAYMENT you pay just before we mail it to you, not now, in other words.

- - -

Coloured Blankets - available in the following colours:
Solids: Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Light Pink, Maroon, Fushia and Kelly Green
Tweeds: Black, Mauve, Royal Blue, Olive Green, Purple Heather, Red, Taupe, Dark Green, Maroon, Navy, Turquoise, Green Tweed, Blue Heather, Blue Tweed, Rose Tweed

more detail about 'Solid' 3 black stripes at each end with corresponding whip stitch hem
more detail about 'Tweed' - tweed body with 3 natural white stripes and a hem.
more detail about 'Natural' - can have 3 tweed stripes with corresponding whip stitch hem.

who knows what a whip-stitch hem is?