Mary Margaret O'Hara IT'S OK TO TOUCH MY FANCY (9 song collection)

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Mary Margaret was kicked out of 'brownies' (the female version of 'boy scouts')  for making fellow brownies laugh too much (in case you're wondering about image on cd cover.)

This album is from her mystical and serious and hilarious heart and has not been released in a major way. Some songs are the same as on 'Dream I Had' and have been indicated by an asterisk.

01 Dream I Had *
02 The One Rose
03 Scary Latin Love Song *
04 I Don't Care *
05 Strangel
06 Hello Yellow Dog *
07 If You See My Love *
08 Serious Maybe
09 Dear Dark Heart

(only available as full collection, not as individual songs, sorry!) 

 * song also on 'Dream I Had'