PRINT of original 'MISS AMERICA' ARTWORK first time available!

Regular price $199.00

Original artwork, cleaned up for original beauty
PAPER: quality, thick, matte
FRAMEABLE (let us know if you would like us to have it printed/framed for you)

1/ 24x48 inches (for 2 panels) $199 + shipping
2/ 43x43 inches (square for 4 panels) $249 + shipping
3/ 24 x 96 (horizontal for 4 panels) $329 + shipping (DRAMATICALLY LARGE)

CUSTOM SIZES available - price will be re-calculated.
SHIPPING COST sent separately when mailed.

IF YOU'D LIKE MARY MARGARET TO SIGN IT, please put extra $200 offer in comment box and we'll see if we can arrange it. If we can, we'll handle your extra payment, when done. (She's hard to catch.)

PS the idea of making these prints is mine (jane siberry) and designed as a thank you to MMOH for her beautiful music. Pricing is what I would pay for these prints. She'd give them away if she could, but then they'd never be available.

PPS thanks to 'flying cat design' for excellence in preparing prints.