2017 • ANGELS BEND CLOSER (remix of Ulysses' Purse + 3 songs)

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the latest Jane Siberry recording (2017)

What is the difference between ANGELS BEND CLOSER and ULYSSES' PURSE?
Ulysses' Purse is ANGELS BEND CLOSER pre-visited. It is the original 'director's cut' by Jane with three different songs from the remixed 'Angels Bend Closer'.

has 'Dark Tent', 'Five and Dime', 'Ulysses' Purse' (instr)
ABC does NOT have these songs

has 'Dante', 'Beyond Plus One', 'Positively Beautiful', 'Anytime' (r+b vsn by Peter Kiesewalter), 'Send Me Someone to Love'
UP does NOT have these songs

Angels Bend Closer overall is a tremendously rewarding, enchanting and uplifting listen. 
It re-establishes Siberry as one of the great singers and songwriters of our lifetime.”

“Parts of myself woke up that have 
been asleep for a long time.” 

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