artist residencies for airbnb owners and artists

Often the MOST VALUABLE thing for creative people is simply time-undistracted.
one's creative force starts flowing as you get near your residency and then you have the force to work for the period without it being chipped away at by so-called 'life'. I consider spending time excited by inspirations excellently-spent. AND felt by the planet.

HERE'S A CHALLENGE TO AIRBNB owners (like myself).

put aside 3 weeks of the year to offer artists. i do it for 3 'separate' weeks.
offering is for FREE or basic expenses. the point is to acknowledge your value-ing of artists as the important organ of society that they are. even if nothing is specifically produced there will be a light beam emanating from your place as they connect with the greater best they can.
words: ask for 1 sentence about how they'd like to use time - finish that long-standing poetry collection, envision a community planning project, complete that song. no need, of course, to have any proof. but pronouncement of visions in the air are helpful.

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(Gatineau, near Ottawa - private room)
Emily Rose Michaud is offering 3 artist residency 'weeks': 
I am a visual artist who lives in gatineau (old hull district) of the national capital region. I have room to host an artist for residency time at the spare room in my apartment. Three one week long sessions are offered thoughout the year for free. My quarters are cosy, but I can accommodate someone if they're writing or up to some form of creation that works for the space. 

My airbnb listing:
About me:
If you'd like to book (one week at a time), check the calendar for availability and send a small message including i- your dates, ii- a bit of info about yourself, iii- what you'll be up to.

(halfway between Scotland and Scandinavia)
his is a suggestion from someone, not a direct posting from host

(near Sudbury, ON on Lake Huron water)
no other artists, just you and natural silence. off-grid must have car
more info:
3 separate weeks avail. as of July 2019 (2 booked, 1 residency left)