*participant contacts/groupings

revised May 12th

Rosaleen Marion rmarion1@mac.com DUO 1 IRELAND LYRICS / MUSIC / DEMO last goodbyes, 'other'
Peg Cloonan samsmoms@gmail.com DUO 1 MID WEST (Chicago) LYRICS
Jeff Fullington perscors@gmail.com TRIO 2 WA LYRICS / MUSIC
Zoe Sameth zoe@sameth.com TRIO 2 PST CA LYRICS / DEMO / CHART
letitia & Letty hill info@letitiahill.com, lettyh92@hotmail.co.uk DUO 3 IRELAND LYRICS / MUSIC /DEMO / CHART
Rosie & Gilly Brownhill gilly.brownhill@outlook.com, rbrownhill@outlook.com DUO 3 UK MUSIC/SIMPLE DEMO/CHART coming of age, first hellos, last goodbyes
Natalie Fuhr elationpress@yahoo.ca TRIO 4 PST BC LYRICS / CHART "birthdays"
Lewis Perkins lewperkins@gmail.com TRIO 4 PST CA MUSIC
Dorian Dowse zyn248@gmail.com DUO 5 AUSTRALIA MUSIC / DEMO / CHART
Marian Edmunds marianedmunds@me.com DUO 5 AUSTRALIA
Noreen Brown nbandbk@Hotmail.com TRIO 6 UK Glasgow? LYRICS / DEMO / CHART
Anna Pozzoli elettrasyndrome@gmail.com TRIO 6 ITALY LYRICS / MUSIC / DEMO / CHART
Judy Tobin (Magaree) hellojudytobin@gmail.com TRIO 6 NFLD LYRICS/DEMO/CHART
(BEAU) Barbara Coleman beaubali@yahoo.ca DUO 7 MST MUSIC / DEMO / CHART "last goodbyes"
Ken Montgomery kenmontgomery@earthlink.net DUO 7 EST NY
Peter Lee peterlee1000@gmail.com TRIO 7 Toronto
Russell Ardito rardito66@gmail.com TRIO 7 Toronto guitars/charts
Adrian Montoya montoyaadrian27@gmail.com TRIO 7 MOUNTAIN Standard Time
Paul Sanders paul.sanders13@ntlworld.com DUO 8 UK LYRICS / DEMO ["last goodbyes)", "moon-connected"
Pam Hodges DUO 8 EST (Ottawa) LYRICS/MUSIC
John Cutrone mail@conviviobookworks.com, jcutrone@fau.edu TRIO 9 EST FL LYRICS / DEMO other'
Maureen O'Donnell asterbloomfield@gmail.com TRIO 9 EST Toronto LYRICS / MUSIC Weddings, birthdays
Mark Makowski lukamagra@hotmail.com TRIO 9 EST NJ
Kent FINLEY k8bushlover@hotmail.com DUO 10 BC LYRICS/MUSIC mostly/DEMO/CHART last goodbyes
Ruth Blackie jutemill05@yahoo.ca SOLO AST MUSIC / DEMO / CHART other'
Lisa Hogan lisaahogan@gmail.com SOLO EST LYRICS / MUSIC / CHART
Kent FINLEY k8bushlover@hotmail.com SOLO PST BC LYRICS / MUSIC / DEMO / CHART last goodbyes
Karen Johnson karenjonsson.fineart@gmail.com SOLO LYRICS / MUSIC / DEMO
Caylie Staples cayliestaples@gmail.com SOLO EST LYRICS / MUSIC / DEMO / CHARTS "wedding", "coming of age", "first hellos", "last goodbyes", "moon-connected
Kyle Young kyleyoung@me.com SOLO CST Houston, TX LYRICS / DEMO "first hellos", "last goodbyes)", "moon-connected'
Rae Watterworth raewatterworth@gmail.com, wildraewaters@yahoo.ca SOLO CST Edmonton LYRICS / MUSIC
Vivian Muska lecathin@yahoo.com SOLO CST Winnipeg LYRICS
Kelly Goodfellow musekell@sympatico.ca SOLO LYRICS / MUSIC
Carolyn Affleck Youngs peacewalkers@gmail.com SOLO PST Victoria MUSIC
Adrian Montoya montoyaadrian27@gmail.com SOLO MST LYRICS / MUSIC / DEMO
Margie Preninger klozhaus@yahoo.com SOLO PST BC LYRICS / MUSIC
Nasus Aransu nasuski@yahoo.com FLY PDT
Joanne Brown joannebrown107@gmail.com FLY EST ON
Hal Hinderliter hal@halhinderliter.com FLY
Marianne Brogan mabrogan@gmail.com FLY PST OREGON
Susan Lewis sumalew@hotmail.com FLY EST
Peter Lee peterlee1000@gmail.com FLY EST
Kerrin Mehagan kerrin@kerrin.ca FLY Toronto
Ally C FLY
Judi Tobin juditobin@hotmail.com FLY