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'VENUS' is the first release in the new collection: Song-At-A-Time

Produced and Recorded by Richard Dunn, Cardiff, Wales
He invited me to his studio while I was on tour in 2018, passing through Wales. I recorded piano and voice and continued on my tour. Richard took it from there.
Jane: voice and piano.
Cello:  Sarah Moody from 'The Devil's Violin'
Richard: everything else

artwork: JS, photo of stars by Sara Naomi, statue 'Nydia, the Blind Girl of Pompeii' sculpted by Randolph Rogers, Rome 1856, photo by Zack Jarosz.

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• Purchase of this song includes AMBASSADOR RIGHTS which means please share to others who may not have heard of my music. Up to your gut. Thank you.  
• This price comes from asking numerous listeners through my social media.
• This is an experiment to see what feels right. 
• $3 will be for when the song has less production/time/whatever intensive. But I have very expensive taste, it seems, wanting production to be as high level as I can 'hear' it. I hope you appreciate that, too.

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