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Do you ever wish a high-level artist would look at your work and tell you what their professional eye sees?

Here is a very nice offering:

S.N. Stewart will have a look at one of your paintings and give you feedback on 'overall' artistry, composition, colour, brush strokes and tips on moving closer to the direction you 'see' for yourself.

Also available, coaching on: 
new work
planning a gallery series
creating productive discipline  
marketing your work

artist: S N Stewart
professional, award-winning, internationally collected

comment: "I was "stuck" with some paintings, not sure how to proceed and as a result I had them put aside for a long time. Procrastination is a mental burden, not fun.
Susan helped me with:
- constructive critic, including that some of the works may be "more finished" then I have considered
- how to try different approaches to proceed in a safe way, without damaging the paintings
- pointed to artists and works who may look "unfinished", so to help me realize other people approaches/solutions.
I came out of the session "unstuck" and ready to proceed with these works. Thank you!"  YS

Longer and ongoing coaching sessions available at affordable rates.