Mary Margaret O'Hara MISS AMERICA (formal release1988)

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Mary Margaret O'Hara's best-known release album.

Highly-acclaimed and intensely-loved, this recording has been included in a number 'TOP TEN' and 'DESERT ISLAND' lists.

Produced by Mary Margaret O'Hara.

Recorded in Monmouth-Gwent, Wales, 1984
Released 1988

All songs written and arranged by Mary Margaret O'Hara.

  1. "To Cry About" 
  2. "Year in Song" 
  3. "Body's in Trouble"
  4. "Dear Darling"
  5. "Anew Day"
  6. "When You Know Why You're Happy"
  7. "My Friends Have"
  8. "Help Me Lift You Up"
  9. "Keeping You in Mind"
  10. "Not Be Alright"
  11. "You Will Be Loved Again"