New Siberry Recording 2023

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update May 31

we’ll be in new york at a studio owned by someone renee knows.
we’ll record marlon Saunders (he has sung with me on tour and a few songs on recordings).
Peter Kiesewalter is doing string arrangements for the final three songs.
We’ll record Whitney LaGrange (who does the amazing ‘moth project’ show with Peter) on violin and viola
We’ll record Mary Wooten on cello.
We’ll record (if she’s available) Alyson Palmer (from the group ‘betty’) for a few lines that need better direction from me (the problem with doing things remotely for efficacy is that sometimes it’s not)
I’ll do my final vocals for everything (though i’m going into a studio this week to try them, too, so i don’t feel as much pressure in nyc).

Total bill: 10,900.  this is MUCH higher than previous bills but we're doing alot.

minus $5500 from last request thank you so very much for your blessing. we are so grateful. that was huge.
minus $1500 for NYC hotel as someone has kindly offered accommodation
=  3900 needed.

update May 11
Renee Cologne and I have now gone through most songs 'forensically' making sure they are ready to mix once lead vocals are completed.

NEXT GOAL:  studio for vocals needed for myself and Marlon Saunders - may have to do this in nyc which will add a bit if it includes (creative) accommodation.
Still owe $1000 cad for last session.

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 contact Bob Reeves will receive all updates and video links (if we do more). just anonymously through Bob not Jane.)

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our store is in USD therefore a $100 contribution USD is a strange number in CAD ($128 or something like that). From now on, if you prefer, you can send an etransfer in CAD funds to though it is a bit better to have your contribution go through the store so everything is in one place for me.)

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