New Siberry Recording 2023

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a letter from Jane Siberry 

If you enjoy my music and would like to help me send more out into the world, this is an invitation to join me in this joyful mission should this be the right time for you. 

PLANS: A number of songs are already roughed out from recording ‘in my bedroom’. I am starting to work at a studio with Renée Cologne, who is helping me as a fellow musician, co-producer, and friend; and also Randy Crafton from Kaleidoscope Sound with whom I feel an inspired connection. A wonderful team is in place and I’m eager to get to work. 

Here are a few song titles reflecting the heart of this new recording: 
Atlantis, the Sequel 
Remind Me of What I Believe 
The Opposite of Entitlement 
If One of Us Is In Darkness 
There Is No Time To Cry 
When You Go
To See Spirit 

   … and more

As I inch my way toward my prime, I feel happy and life-charged to create all this new music. I hope you will link arms with me in this offering to the greater. 

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